“Terra” navigation system

Small UAV navigation and guidance system without using GNSS

System components

Principle of Operation

System calculates vehicle velocity and elevation using data from video sensors


  • Calculating vehicle velocity
  • Calculating elevation above surface
  • Calculating coordinates from starting point

Main specifications:

  • Path calculation precision (depends on elevation): 50-300 m for 1 h flight
  • Heading hold precision: ±5’
  • Measurment of distance above surface precision (depends on elevation): 0,1 m-0,5 m
  • Elevation working range: 10 m – 3000 m
  • External communications:
    • with external control system via Ethernet 100Base-T
    • with autopilot via MavLink
  • Power supply voltage: +5.5 V – +6 V
  • Power consumption: up to 150 W
  • Operating temperature range: -20°С..+50°С
  • Weight: ~0.3 kg


System block diagram